Wensum Valley

A story in every swing.

A story in every swing.

As a traditionally-run business, Wensum Valley Hotel & Golf Club wanted to inject a newer form of media into their marketing strategy.

The brief was simple. Our task was to create a video which represented the golf club in a way that showcased both its natural beauty, and also its accessibility to any level of golfer.

Wensum Valley wanted to revamp their website, with an up-to-date video in the heart of their landing page.

Wensum Valley and Reverb.

What We Did.

Following our pre-planning meeting, we made sure to shoot on a day with the clearest sky, after a quality shower of rain, catching the course on a day like we did was vital to the quality of video, showcasing the course at its absolute best.

We spent a day on-site, with a carefully mapped out plan, based off our clients’ list of showcase-worthy holes and our scouting beforehand. 

We timed our visit with our planned storyboard, allowing for consistent shots and our ending to be shot during a perfect sunset for the best visuals.

The final delivered content included various versions of two distinct cuts of our video. We produced a main 60-second cut, to act as the primary version – for website showcase, email marketing, etc. – and a shorter 30-second cut primarily for use on social platforms.

We included a cut with captions on the longer version, as well as one without logos, to be looped as the main focus on their new website’s landing page.

We create multiple versions like this because video is so versatile, you can make use of the same content in many different ways across your marketing strategy, and we’re eager to help with that!


The Deliverables.

Now to You.

Capturing your story will leave you with a time-capsule to look back on, and a showreel of all your hard work. Here’s what else it can do:

  • Evergreen social media content
  • Opportunity for boosted advertising
  • Multiple posts for your social calendar
  • Draw attention to your next event
  • Attract engagement from guests
  • Drive traffic to other posts


    ..it’s truly limitless.

Video has so much potential to leave a lasting impression on your audience. You know your facilities are great, let them know too.