Aerial Videography

Aerial videography is often the difference between a good and great video. 

The ability to capture an entire spectacle, whether that be the set or its surroundings, allows you to tell a more detailed story to your audience. Adding in a new perspective that you can’t otherwise normally capture, creating an engaging experience for your viewer.

Everyone here at Reverb is fully trained and licensed to pilot drones professionally.

Drone footage serves multiple purposes, from establishing shots within a video to capturing large scale events. They allow you to shoot scenes that being on foot wouldn’t, giving your audience a unique perspective.

The beauty of aerial videography is it can be used across all the services we provide. 

The capabilities of our drone allow us to expand beyond just videography and into aerial photography. Its 48MP camera creates crisp images, giving you that extra bit of content to share on website or social media.

Aerial videography is something we’ve taken very seriously at Reverb, we know how much of an impact it can make for social media and the impression it leaves of your business of your followers when accompanying professional videography and photography on your pages.

Aerial Videography

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