Toilets+ came to us with a brief centred around attracting potential employees, part of their process for hiring new delivery drivers, as they were rapidly expanding as a business.

The title of the project was ‘A Day in the Life of a Delivery Driver.’

The meticulous day-plan we were provided with meant the shoot day was streamlined.

We followed an employee, adhering to Covid-19 protocols, as he performed his duties as a delivery driver.

Whilst capturing the duties in which Toilets+ were keen to advertise to potential employees, we were also asked to make it clear to anyone watching the video that they are a company in-keeping with Covid safety, as showcasing their employees safe was their top priority to convey.

Our final video was narrated by captions, highlighting all the duties a delivery driver would have to perform and the benefits they would enjoy whilst working for Toilets+, clocking in at two minutes for social media distribution as well as a slightly longer cut for their company website.


We’re currently in the planning stages of a set of instructional videos for new employees of Toilets+, looking to produce this later in the year.

Here's what they had to say...