Norfolk FA

Promoting inclusivity and fairness for all in The Beautiful Game.

Promoting inclusivity and fairness for all in The Beautiful Game.​

Our partnership with Norfolk FA is something we are incredibly proud of.

Norfolk FA are the ones making everything possible behind-the-scenes for football at grassroots level in Norfolk.

They came to us having seen our work with their other partners, hoping to find a way we could help them improve their extensive marketing efforts, with the inclusion of professional video.

We’ve agreed a long-term partnership with the FA to help them showcase their incredible work promoting safeguarding and inclusivity at all levels of the game locally. 

Who are
Norfolk FA?

What We Did.

Norfolk FA approached us wondering how they could incorporate video into their digital marketing strategy, adding value; moving away from solely written content to show off the work they do.

We’ve since worked with them on a number of projects, including partnership launches, facility openings, partner integrations, a Rainbow Laces campaign and a tonne more, since starting to work together in 2023.

Adding value to their existing partnership perks was important to them, both aiming to increase the number of partners, and increase their budget through earning higher fees through value-adds.

We knew from the start, our biggest and best project together would come in the form of covering the Norfolk County Cup Finals, hosted by Norfolk FA each year.

After attending the 3 finals held at Carrow Road, we produced a video (and a social teaser) showcasing the incredible events, with Norfolk FA using these videos as marketing tool to show what they’ve been organising and then using it as a sales tool to encourage purchasing tickets for future events.

We’re always more than happy to produce additional extra cuts if needed, helping you maximise your output across all your social channels.

The Cup Finals.

What It Means To Us.

Reverb was founded off the back of a documentary about Dereham Town FC. To say that a footballing partnership hits at our core would be an understatement.

The idea of helping promote the body that facilitates clubs like Dereham Town playing their games every week is very important to us. So many people give up their time so that we can all enjoy football year-round.

Ben and Jordan are fantastic to work with and the quality of the content they produce is outstanding, so if you're ever looking to tell your story through video - give these guys a message!

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