First Bus

Driving Business Through Strategic Video.

Driving Business Through Strategic Video

First Bus are a prominent player in the UK’s public transportation landscape and have been an integral part of daily commuting for decades. Committed to providing efficient and sustainable transportation solutions, they prioritize passenger comfort and environmental responsibility.

That’s where we come in, First have recently transitioned to a fleet of electric buses and have tasked Reverb with creating internal and external-facing videos to help ease the transition and keep everyone in the loop, both employees and customers.

We’ve just finished creating a series of interviews with a company director and local depot engineers for internal comms and to show progress updates to shareholders.

Reverb & First.

What We Did First.

Discussions started with us trying to fully understanding what they do and what their objectives were with creating video.

Initial discussions led us to a set of videos detailing their transition period as they moved toward full electrification of their fleet. This was done through interviews, giving perspectives from a director, a driver and an engineer, all of whom have had to adapt to the new fleet and its different workflow.

Internal comms pieces like this can help ease transitions for your employees, or help persuade them that you’ve got their interests at heart with upcoming changes.

The video format was identical for each of the 3 videos. A talking head piece with b-roll segments spliced in as momentum and to maintain interest throughout.

Each video was targeted at around 2:30 in length, a compromise to keep it short but have enough length to get all relevant information across.

You’d be surprised how quickly two minutes goes by in an edit with constant narration.

We captured extensive B-roll of their depot including drone shots to show scope. We receive scripts early and film the interviews first, so that we can be efficient in finding additional shots that are relevant to the talking points in the narration.


The Videos.

Showcasing the Benefits.

One of the important points from First’s perspective was to bring attention to all of the benefits of their decision to change to a fully electric fleet. We tailored our b-roll to focus on these, highlighting efficiency, driver and passenger comfort, and a strong emphasis on the enviromental impact.

Tackling pain points during a big organisational shift is easy with short-format video. You can address employees’ concerns directly, or create additional training or informational videos that can be evergreen content during onboarding or hierarchical changes.

First have shared these videos internally to their national groups are expecting their other regional departments to produce similar videos off the back of this, for their internal comms.

“Kudos to Reverb Digital for their exceptional professionalism and swift turnaround – it surpassed our expectations!”

Zak Nelson – Marketing Executive, First Eastern Counties

This now acts as a short-hand for conversations with wary regional departments, concerned employees or potential shareholders, saving them time and helps them to show their story, in a concise set of 2-minute videos to aid their process.

The Results.