First Bus

Driving Business Through Strategic Video.

Driving Business Through Strategic Video

First Bus are a prominent player in the UK’s public transportation landscape and have been an integral part of daily commuting for decades. Committed to providing efficient and sustainable transportation solutions, they prioritize passenger comfort and environmental responsibility and want to let their staff and customers know about it.

That’s where we come in, First have recently transitioned to a fleet of electric buses and have tasked Reverb with creating internal and external-facing videos to help ease the changeover and keep everyone in the loop, inside and outside the company.

We’ve just finished creating a series of 4 projects with First, including interviews, events coverage, aerial and a showreel for their brand new fleet of EVs!

Reverb & First.

What We Did First.

Discussions started with us trying to fully understanding what they do and what their objectives were with creating video.

Initial talks led us to a series of videos detailing their transition period as they moved toward full electrification of their fleet. Our first project was shooting a set of interviews, giving perspectives from a depot manager, a driver and an engineer, all of whom have had to adapt to the new fleet and its different workflow.

Internal comms pieces like this one can help ease transitions for your employees, or help show them that you’ve got their interests at heart with upcoming changes.

We knew from the start that this series would culminate with a video at the official unveiling of their fleet. This meant creating content fit for their launch event, to be displayed on the big screen in their chosen venue, and shown on BBC News locally.

Our next task was to create an aerial showreel of their new fleet assembled at night, showcasing the scale of their investment into eco-friendly operations.

First gathered around 30 of their ever-arriving new fleet and we took the skies to produce a bank of clips for them to use for their own productions, as well being shared with local media as part of their press circuit surrounding the upcoming launch.


Drone video is a very easy way to show the scale of your operations. At Reverb, everyone is certified and licensed to fly!

An Overview.

Ready for the Big Screen.

First tasked us with one final video in the lead-up to the big launch. They wanted a showreel of their new electric buses, travelling scenic routes in the heart of Norwich.

We created a 2-minute showreel, illustrating the fleet and detailing statistics and important details in the form of animated on-screen graphics. This video was then projected onto a huge screen at their launch event, as well as shared internally.

All the additional footage we captured while filming these other videos in the series was vital for giving us good coverage for the final video.

Long term partnerships are what we strive for, creating mutual benefit through relationships. This feeds directly into the videos, more time spent on projects will give us more footage to work with in future edits!

Here it is, the big one. Everything had been leading up to this event, commemorating the launch of the new fleet.  First had invited corporate executives from up and down the country, local press & council leaders, as well as drivers and engineers to attend. 

Our brief was to conduct interviews with the attendees (12 total long-form interviews) and capture footage to help stitch together a video that gave a great representation of not just the launch event, but the scope and success of the project overall.

This ended up as a 6 minute video – packed with our interviews, shots of the day and our previous showreels, to give the fullest impression of what First had achieved with this project.

Check out the video  to see how we did. We think we did a First-rate job!

The Launch Event.

The Deliverables.

First were over-the-moon with our series of videos. 4 projects became 9 video deliverables, over 50 unique edited photo deliverables and one very happy client!

Our deliverables were split primarily into internal and external cuts of videos, with the tone and content reworked to suit an invested audience of employees & a dedicated customer-following who required additional information and context.

Our photos have been doing the rounds on First and their partners’ sites and socials, as well as on transport news sites, as word of the project went around the country.

First have shared these videos internally, keeping their employees, stakeholder and investors in the loop about their incredible achievements.

“Kudos to Reverb Digital for their exceptional professionalism and swift turnaround – it surpassed our expectations!”

Zak Nelson – Marketing Executive, First Eastern Counties

This now acts as a short-hand for conversations with wary regional departments, concerned employees or potential shareholders, saving them time and helps them to show their story, in a concise shareable set of videos to aid their process.

The Results.