Event Video

78% of Marketing Professionals Say Videos Helped Increase Sales.

78% of Marketing Professionals Say Videos Helped Increase Sales

You’re already going through immense planning to host a fantastic event, right? Networking, boosting company presence, or driving a charity fundraiser?

Why not get an event video to really showcase the effort you’ve gone to and drive the success of your next event?


Make an event last, with recyclable social content to make your big splash bigger.

Event Video With Reverb.

How We See Events.

We believe in making the most out of what you’re doing. Any way to turn a big deal into a huge one looks good on the event planners and the company as a whole.

You can absolutely just take a snapshot on your photo for a social post, any content is better than nothing. But making a real statement through video will bring more attention now, and drive people to ask what’s next.

85% of social media users want more video from brands.

We love this one.

An event we captured for Forest Live

We ask questions. We get to know your brand and how you post, or how you like to post. 


It’s important to us that we gel with your existing content. We want you to stand out, we don’t want to stand out from you.

Then it’s all about condensing the event down to the essence of it. Making sure we cover the experience and really sell how great it was, and leave the audience hoping for an invite to the next.


What We Do.

Benefits of Event Video.

Capturing your events will leave you with a time-capsule to look back on, and a showreel of all your hard work. Here’s what else it can do:

  • Evergreen social media content
  • Opportunity for boosted advertising
  • Multiple posts for your social calendar
  • Draw attention to your next event
  • Attract engagement from guests
  • Drive traffic to other posts


    ..it’s truly limitless.

Video has so much potential to leave a lasting impression on your audience. You know your events are great, let them know too.