"I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Reverb Digital."

"I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Reverb Digital."

Cornerstone Ltd came to us looking for a case study video, documenting a city-centre property development project they were working on.

We devised a plan with them to create regular video and photo content for socials, to allow them to improve their digital output as well as convert more projects, their initial aim with the case study video.

Regular content documenting the process allowed them to benefit from active socials and use this to convert more sales with visible proof of their work.

Cornerstone Ltd and Reverb.

What We Did.

We filmed 8 videos over the 8 month project, with accompanying photography, as well as a final compilation video to act as the finalised case study video they initially invisioned.

Working with them once per month helped us stay aligned with their visions for the project and allowed them to maintain active socials through the videos and photos we delivered.

We offer retainer packages like this to anyone if they feel this would be more appropriate for their social or digital strategy. Monthly, quarterly, we work to suit your needs.

We climbed the scaffolding each time we went shooting for Cornerstone, showcasing the incredible work being done by the team from 10 stories up!

We went once a month to shoot on-site in Peterborough, we’re always happy to travel if need be! 

Getting the best shots required us to risk ourselves and our equipment from the outside of the building, but Cornerstone’s work was incredibly safe and we got some great footage up there!


The Process.

The Results.

Cornerstone were provided 9 total videos, which they posted on their socials as the blockbuster content. The photos we captured were then able to be sprinkled into social posts and as complimentary content in their final case study.

They can now use this as long-term digital content for their case studies to help them convert leads with clear examples of their work, in the highest quality.

So What Did They Say?

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Reverb Digital. Throughout our project they completely understood what we were after and showed a care and attention to detail which culminated in creating a fantastic end product. Reverb were reliable throughout, never missing a site visit that was arranged and often adapting to the changing landscape of a construction site to take footage at key milestones in order to create a promotional video capturing all aspects of the job.