Coder Agency

A digital marketing agency in the heart of the Fine City

A digital marketing agency in the heart of the Fine City

We’ve partnered with Coder Agency a number of times. As a digital marketing agency, they provide full-suite marketing for their clients. 

With a big emphasis on social media and especially video, they trust Reverb to produce content on behalf of their biggest clients.

Knowing the diverse types of content a digital marketing agency needs, we can cater to you and provide content to help bring your clients’ socials to the next level.

Coder and Reverb.

What We Did.

One job we’ve partnered with Coder on required us to travel to Sunderland to help produce content for a large-scale commercial ship coming in to port.

We produced two cuts of a video of the event, for social media and for a website case study; a set of photos of the event and staff; aerial video and some behind-the-scenes content for Coder themselves.

Often times we’ll produce additional content for our clients to use for themselves as a courtesy.

We understand the importance of consistent & engaging social media posts and we help our clients out where we can.

The Deliverables.

Another job we’ve partnered with Coder for required snippets of scripted content to be rolled out over the year, as part of their ongoing digital marketing for a client.

The deliverables for this job with Coder included:

  • 20 recorded segments of scripted line reads
  • Additional footage to help tie the narrated sections together
  • Aerial content, both photo and video, as B-roll for our videos and as website content for the client
  • Additional video & photo, including an introductory segment showcasing a new partner for the client
  • An interview section with an industry specialist

Our skillset offers you a diverse range of content for use in limitless marketing strategies. We’re here to help the ideas flow wherever you need!

You’ll now find our videos and photos on Coder’s socials as well as examples of our work making up a majority of the social feeds of one of their biggest clients Nitrasol.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with the guys at Reverb on several occasions, and they’ve consistently delivered. Their use of first-rate equipment and reliable service ensures that our projects always hit the mark. They’re straightforward, professional, and genuinely great at what they do.

We’d recommend them to anyone looking for quality video production.”

Jack Bowgen – Founder at Coder Agency.


After seeing our successful partnership with Coder, are you willing to see what Reverb can do for you?

Video has the potential to create a deeper connection with your audience. You know your work is outstanding, let them know too.

The Results.