Breckland Council

"Quite simply Reverb exceeded our expectations."

"Quite simply Reverb exceeded our expectations."​

Breckland Council approached us with an ambitious plan – to create a film that tells the story of the collaborations they partake in with the local community.

They wanted to steer away from the stigma that councils ‘just collect the bins each week.’ So emphasis was put on the work they do with businesses in the district for our film.


They wanted to showcase their relationships with local businesses, a side rarely seen by the general public.

Breckland Council and Reverb.

What We Did.

We kicked off the project with a day shooting some pieces to camera from Maxine O’Mahony (Chief Executive) & Sam Champman-Allen (Council Leader) to introduce the concept of the video.

After this, we conducted a handful of interviews, over three shoot days, with heads of local businesses, operating within the Breckland district; asking them about themselves, their businesses, and their relationship with the council.

We structured it in a way that they could also use each video as a separate testimonial or social post, if that suited their strategy.

We organised with Breckland Council to meet with 3 figureheads from Breckland-based businesses and stage interviews with each of them.

Our approach to interviewing is more laid back, we’d rather have a conversation than just throw questions at someone. The results are far more natural.

The interviews were then intercut with shots of the beautiful Breckland scenery, ground-level and in the air. 


The Process.

The Results.

Breckland said they wanted to use this for internal and external use. A local cinema Breckland helped fund was used to host our video, as a show piece in an internal peer review. 

They then released the full video on their social platforms, making the most of the video, repurposing it to allow more eyes to see it.

Breckland Council really made the most of the video, showcasing how much you can gain from a well-planned video project.

So What Did They Say?

Quite simply Reverb Digital exceeded our expectations. Jordan and Ben took the time to understand us as an organisation and collaborated with us in the development of the brief to ensure our expectations and outcomes were met. We were blown away with the end product that they brought to life with ideas/creativity we hadn’t even considered - all of which was done within a very aggressive timescale. Thanks again.