Big C

It affects us all in one way or another, let's join the fight.

It affects us all in one way or another, let's join the fight.

We’ve worked with Big C numerous times since we started Reverb back in 2019. We’ve covered their annual golf days, Cycle 100 events and produced content to help elderly or disabled people engage in personalised exercises, just to name a few!

The project we’re most proud of with Big C however, is our most recent set of interviews promoting their In Good Company initiative.

Six interviews with ambassadors, direct sponsors or people who have benefitted from what Big C offers as their service.

Using high-profile or recognisable people in the interviews helps immediately engage the audience, or allows you to use their following or notoriety to promote your stories organically.

Big C and Reverb.

Six Interviews.

After speaking to Big C and finding out the objectives for the project they’d outlined to us, we settled on six interviews, with each interviewee either having a story to tell about their experience with cancer or how Big C had helped them or their business to succeed.

Over a few weeks we conducted the interviews, making sure to tap into specific talking points we’d outlined with Big C in our pre-production phase. These started with introductions to themselves and their ties to Big C before talking about their In Good Company initiative, the main driving point of the project.

Having a decent amount of relevant pre-amble to the videos adds credibility and a chance to be relatable to the audience before talking about your key information, organically fitting it into the conversation.

The final delivered content obviously included the six main interviews, spanning 2 to 4-and-a-half minutes depending on the video. However we also made sure to include shorter 20-40 second clips as social teasers, allowing Big C to promote a link to their website or other video-hosting socials, without giving away the entire video.

Having smaller cuts is vital for certain platforms like Twitter/X which has a video length limit, but it also allows you to be strategic and herd viewers to other sites or socials organically, to watch the full videos.

We create multiple versions like this because video is so versatile, you can make use of the same content in many different ways across your marketing strategy, and we’re eager to help with that!


The Deliverables.

Now to You.

Capturing your story will leave you with a time-capsule to look back on, and a showreel of all your hard work. Here’s what else it can do:

  • Evergreen social media content
  • Opportunity for boosted advertising
  • Multiple posts for your social calendar
  • Draw attention to your next event
  • Attract engagement from guests
  • Drive traffic to other posts

 ’s truly limitless.

Video has so much potential to leave a lasting impression on your audience. You know your service is great, let them know too.