Supporting startups with space, support and community.

Supporting startups with space, support and community.​

Akcela are the only privately-owned business incubator in the Fine City of Norwich. We were approached with the aim to further promote their brand and showcase for the work they do.

A business incubator dedicates the time of a group of seasoned industry professionals to manage relationships with start-up businesses, whilst mentoring and providing their own space to encourage growth.

We created a video which will leave prospective start-up partners with a complete idea of what Akcela do, and why they do it.

Who are

What We Did First.

Discussions started with us trying to fully understanding what they do and what they wanted to aim to show their audience.

We collaborated to assess the different options and ways we could utilise video to tell their story.

Together we concluded a company promo was the most effective way to achieve the goals Akcela had set for the project.

Hearing directly from the owners would help keep the video feeling personal, while allowing them to share their story.

We agreed on a format of around two-minutes and asked the owners, Tom and James, to prepare lines, or topics they wished to touch on candidly.

You’d be surprised how quickly two minutes goes by in an edit with constant narration.

We captured extensive B-roll of the office space and the incubator members in order to show the breadth of talent and industries, all working together to overcome business hurdles.


The Video.

Capturing the essence.

With the narration providing the backbone to the video, we knew our main job was to capture the culture of the incubator and allow that to shine through in the video.

The story was one of community and growth, so showing everyone shoulder to shoulder, or receiving guidance was important to us in getting that across.

Every business has a story to tell. If you think yours doesn’t, let’s chat and see what we can find!

Akcela wanted this to be featured front-and-center on their website homepage, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

“We were delighted with the film Reverb made for us. It captures something about what we’re doing at Akcela that words and stills couldn’t get near. We really enjoyed having the Reverb team with us for filming. They made it easy to tell our story.”

Tom Wood – Founder, Akcela


This now acts as a short-hand for conversations with prospective businesses, saving them time and helps them to show their story, in a concise 2-minute video to aid their onboarding process.

The Results.